2 Minute Organizing Miracles


The Book


Do you crave organization? Do you want simple secrets to leading an organized life? Start with 2 Minute Organizing Miracles. The short and simple tips and strategies shared in this book are being touted as "amazing", "easy to understand", "very simple and easy steps", "great ideas to get motivated" and "helpful practical tips I can use right away".

Each and everyday, people just like you struggle to get and stay organized. It can be an all out battle. But with the right tools, tips and strategies, you can lead the war and conquer your challenges.

Now is the time to take the step in the right direction...you CAN take back control over your life, home and work.

In 2 Minute Organizing Miracles, you will learn some very specific tips and strategies to implement and put in place immediately. Unlike many other organizing books, 2 Minute Organizing Miracles doesn't contain fluff. It's all meat and potatoes. Face it, you don't have time to waste wading through fluff, you need hard and specific direction for getting and staying organized. 2 Minute Organizing Miracles provides just that!

Through very specific tips and strategies, Becky Esker provides you with an array of game plans that meet most any need in your home and life.

  • You will learn the 4 simple steps of The Top Organizing Secret. When you apply these 4 steps you will ALWAYS be able to find what you need when you need it!
  • The best solution for dealing with the overwhelming and unending mail and paperwork is revealed in a system that you can set up today!
  • Learn the 6 secret questions you can ask yourself that will make letting go of your stuff emotionally easy to do!
  • Obtain the specific step by step process that results in a clean desk in just one week!
  • Be immediately ready to implement 5 strategies to improve productivity at home and work!

Barry Izsak, CPO®, CRTS

"An easy, quick read that gets right to the point. It's loaded with easy to implement organizing tips that will make you wonder why you waited so long to get organized!" 

Barry Izsak, CPO®, CRTS, Past President NAPOational Association of Professional Organizers, Author of Organize Your Garage In No Time and Owner of ArrangingItAll.com 

Sherie Dodsworth, CEO of Securita

 " I am a big fan of making things simple! Becky's expert advice is fun to read and will simplify your life." 

Sherie Dodsworth, CEO of Securita, creator of the Vital Records PortaVault®

Elizabeth Hagen, Speaker, Coach and Author

 "Change your life with Becky Esker! Take two minutes a day to implement what Becky teaches and create your own miracles." 

Elizabeth Hagen, Speaker, Coach and Author of Organize With Confidencewww.ElizabethHagen.com 

Patty Kreamer, CPO®

 "Becky Esker has spelled out how to organize your life from January through December and from A to Z! Practical, realistic, and achievable solutions to life's most nagging organizing issues are wrapped up on this amazing book - a must read for everyone!" 

Patty Kreamer, CPO®, Author of But I Might Need It Someday, President of Kreamer Connect, Inc.  

Brenda Spandrio, Certified Productive Environment Specialist

"This is a very informative, easy to read manual. Rethinking the way you use the space you have, and making that space work for you --my take away from Chapter 5 -- is exactly what this book helps you do. Organizing is highly personal and Becky gives readers permission and guidance to discover what works best for them!" 

Brenda Spandrio, Certified Productive Environment Specialist, Owner of Ambiance-Solutions.com and the LA Productivity and Organizing Examiner 

Harold Taylor, Author

 "Practical suggestions for organizing your home, office and life - delivered with brevity and simplicity. An easy and valuable read."

Harold Taylor, Author of Making Time Work For You