Consignment Services

 It's Simply Serendipity is a consignment service of Get Organized! LLC. 

After 10 years of working with clients to organize, downsize, and let go of things, Becky Esker realized the lack of an outlet for select home items that had resale value. It only made sense for her to open a store to not only be a resource for her moving and organizing clients, but to bring a consignment store to the Cedar Rapids area where people can find great items for a great price!

In 2011 It's Simply Serendipity opened it's doors and continues to be a success for clients who have sold their items and received a check for the sale, as well as consumers who have acquired one-of-a-kind items not found anywhere else! 

We offer consignment services to all our current and past organizing and moving clients. If you have not used our services before but have some furniture items you would like to consign, contact us. We determine which consignment store in the area is appropriate for your items and we can pick them up and deliver them to the appropriate consignment shop or we can deliver them to the location of your choice. 

It’s Simply Serendipity
713  3rd Ave SE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52401


Monday - Friday by appointment

Saturday noon-4pm

Benefits of Consignment

  • You get money for the items you will no longer be using
  • Your belongings will be cherished by someone new
  • You won't have to do a garage sale, or multiple garage sales and HOPE that your items sell
  • We utilize all of our marketing resources to market your items for you
  • We offer pickup and delivery of your items
  • Free up space in your home allowing for a more organized life

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Consignment FAQs

Who Can Consign?

We work with all past and current organizing or moving clients. 

Where will you deliver my items for consignment?

We are familiar with the various consignment shops in the area:  Specifically who takes what, what sells best where, where it sells the quickest and for the most money. 

We can deliver the items exactly where you want or you can let us decide. 

What if I already have a consignment account?

 If you already have an account  we can add the items to your current account. If you do not have an account, we will open one for you when we drop off the items. 

What if I am not a past or current client?

If you are not a current or past organizing  or moving client, that's okay. You can easily become a client by hiring us/Heck's Transfer to pickup and deliver your consignment items to the appropriate consignment store(s).

What consignment commission do I get and how do I get my money?

This will depend upon where your items are taken. You can generally expect to receive between 40 - 50% of what the item sells for. 

 We will provide you with the contract and rules for your consignment account. The contract outlines all the details for requesting money etc.  

What specific consignment shops do you use?

Consignment shops in the Cedar Rapids area include:

Stuff Etc

Harlequin Home

Top Drawer

Simply Serendipity (owned by us)

Can you deliver my items to donation?

If you have items that donation is more appropriate than consignment or if the items are not accepted for consignment, we can deliver them for donation. We generally deliver the items to Goodwill, Salvation Army or St Vincent DePaul. 

Why don't you take everything to Simply Serendipity?

We only take items with consignment resale value at Simply Serendipity that other consignment shops in the area will not take or items that we feel we can sell for more money than the other consignment shops. We look at what is the best resale option for the specific item (and it's not always It's Simply Serendipity).