Heck's Transfer and Moving


Heck’s Transfer is the oldest locally owned moving company in Cedar Rapids. Arnold Heck started Heck’s Transfer in 1962. He and his wife Edna were integral in the running of the family owned business for more than 50 years.

In early 2014, Arnie passed away and by November 2014, wife Edna and son Winston decided it was the right time to sell the business. Get Organized formally acquired ownership of the assets on February 24, 2015.

The purchase of Heck’s has been the perfect complement to Get Organized. Having our own trucks and control over the scheduling allows us to better meet the needs of our moving clients. Get Organized takes a much different approach when working with moving clients, we anticipate the timing and needs of our clients before they even know it. With our moving company we own the schedule and we don’t have to worry about not having a moving crew and resources available on the day our clients need it. We know moving dates can be very fluid and often changing, but with Get Organized’s move management involvement, we can block out several ‘hold’ dates on the calendar and work closely with the clients to narrow down the final move date as time progresses.


Move Management

 The One Place team understands the physical and emotional demands of beginning a new stage in life. Our team can plan a transition based on each client's individual needs and provide a full array of services to streamline the moving process from start to finish. 

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Moving Services

– Loading, transporting and unloading items
– Loading or unloading client’s vehicle or leased vehicle
– Moving furniture within current home for painting, new flooring, or carpet cleaning needs
– Pickup or delivery of furniture, appliances or other items
– Moving supplies (boxes, packing paper, packing tape) for sale
- FREE BOX USE PROGRAM: Use moving boxes for free- Delivering items to consignment, donation, trash and/or recycle

What to Expect your move to cost


Heck’s has one of the lowest hourly rates in the Eastern Iowa Corridor. Estimates are always free. Unlike some other moving companies in the area, we do no cost on-site estimates and recommend it for homes over 1200 Sq ft

While others often do estimates just over the phone, we feel taking the extra time to visually see the moving project allows us to be more accurate in our estimates. For the time conscious, we do have an online form that can be completed and no on-site review is needed. We can provide an estimate from the details you provide in the form. Access the form here. 

We have reduced hourly rates for veterans, law enforcement, students, Sr Citizens 60 yrs or older and repeat customers. 

For pickup and delivery of individual or smaller numbered items that fit in our moving van, there are special less expensive hourly rates. We are happy to recommend these less expensive hourly rates whenever possible.

What you must know about Moving Estimates

ESTIMATE vs. BID vs. QUOTE: Is there a difference? Absolutely.

Estimate: an estimate is basically guessing on an anticipated cost. The guessing should be supported by the current known variables, past experience and education.
Estimate means, with some assumptions and unspecified things, this is approximately the price. An estimate is also often referred to as a “ballpark number.”

Quote or Bid: means this is exactly what the price will be for the work clearly defined by a potential customer.


Unless guaranteed with a bid or quote along with the estimate, all estimates are non-binding.

In the local moving industry, you will pay what the actual charges are at the end of the move regardless of what the estimate may have been.


Unfortunately, there are companies in the moving industry that estimate low just so they get the job.

What is the best way to compare moving Estimates?

1) Recognize the actual estimate numbers given are not the most important factor.  

2) Did the moving companies do on-site visual inspections of your home?  At Heck’s Transfer, our policy is to do visual inspections for all homes 1200 square foot or larger and upon any request by the customer no matter the size of the job.  We do offer estimates without on-site inspections for smaller jobs that are less likely to vary in ultimate cost. 

3) Did the moving companies offer free tips and advice on how to reduce the overall cost of the move? 

4) What are the hourly rates of each company? 

5) Did one company seem to be more credible and personable than the other? 

6) Remember the actual estimate numbers given are not the most important factor. They are just one factor to be weighed against many others. Estimated numbers alone do not take into consideration the quality and service you will ultimately receive.

7) Am I comparing "like" estimates? Be sure to note if you have estimates or binding bid/quotes. These are not the same!

Moving Estimates

Not every move is the same. Some of our moves do not require an onsite estimate, while others do. Knowing more about your move will allow us to provide you with the most accurate estimate possible.

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FREE Box Rentals

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Fragile item


Unique and fragile items do NOT travel well on standard moving trucks. We do not want your items to arrive damaged! So we do not recommend they go on the moving truck BUT we offer 'hand-transport or hand-carry' services in our company van. Unlike other traditional moving companies we offer a solution for moving your fragile, unique and unusual items so they do NOT arrive damaged or broken. 

And YES, we did transport this guy in the photo to the LEFT

YES! We move Sleeper Sofas/Hide-a-Beds

We move the big heavy items the other moving companies don't want to touch. We have access and resources to all kinds of the best state-of-art moving equipment.  

Cedar Rapids Flooding of 2016

When the threat of damaging floods occurred again in Cedar Rapids in the fall of 2016, we were there! The History Center needed to get one of their most coveted artifacts out of the waters way but was at a loss for how to do so. We gathered the correct loading ramps, several of our movers and moved the Maxen car out of the Mott Building and safely to  the Douglas Mansion. We were happy to donate our services for such a worthy cause!