Move Management

What We Do

Our move management team does this on a regular basis! We offer an array of move management services. You can choose for us to manage the entire move or you can ala carte the services and choose only the ones you want us to do.

  • Review and sort your possessions
  • Manage and oversee the dispersal of possessions by: Selling at the best prices and/or donating to the charity of your choice
  • Shipping remaining items to your family and  friends
  • Removal of remaining items/trash
  • Create a  space plan for your new residence
  • Pack all belongings going to new residence
  • Manage the movers
  • Refer, manage, and coordinate all service providers
  • Oversee packing, moving, and storage
  • Unpack and replicate previous furniture arrangements, kitchen, bathrooms, closets, and drawers
  • Hang pictures 
  • Unhook, rehook computers, TVs and phones
  • Hand-transport fragile and unique items

How We Do It

We understand the unique emotional challenges posed by moving, especially when downsizing. We compassionately listen to what is important to each of our clients, and make it our job to take absolute care of what is special to each individual.

IMAGINE THIS: You choose a moving date. Someone else does the packing, unpacking and putting everything away. Packing doesn’t begin until 2-3 days before move day (that means you live a normal uninterrupted life). Unpacking and putting everything away often happens by the end of move day!   

Getting the Process Started


Whether you are sure you want some help making your move stress-free or if you just want more information, we provide a no-cost, no-obligation initial meeting to assess and identify all your moving needs. During this free meeting you will get very specific free information about moving and the services we offer. We also offer a no-cost estimate for packing, unpacking and putting everything away. The estimate is often done at a later appointment which is also done free of charge.

The free no obligation meeting can be done in person at your home or over the phone. We can do whichever is more convenient for you! 


Jumpstart Unpack

While we offer full-service moving, packing, unpacking services and more, you can a la carte our services as well. Maybe you just need a Jumpstart Unpack of your kitchen or bedroom. Watch this video to see how this works. We can unpack all your items or just a select few. The choice is yours!

Hear about Ray's Experience with our moving team

Making Move Day Stress-Free

Meet Joyce

This is an actual client, Joyce, at the end of a successful move day of us unpacking and putting everything away and in order!!

No question, she now has more time, less stress and is feeling very successful about her home! 


Meet Ken

Check out our client, Ken. This was taken at the end of move day!  Ken was happy to be sitting in front of the TV in his favorite chair, talking on the phone with a beer in his hand. Talk about stress-free moving!